Nazareno Gemini

The artist Nazareno Gemini is from Lombardy, but no other information is available. Probably he belongs to the Cremona surrounding areas. He is considered the inspirer of the Totemismo (or Totemism) as an artistic movement rather than an anthropological reality. Feel free to contact the author: gemini@totemismo.it.


Reading soul,

consider the manifestation of your existence.

Inside the man, thinking being, creator and annihilator, it remains the print of the supernatural God. The man is a totem, absolute in his identity, relative in his multiple outer and inner semblances. By means of his somatic features, the individual denounces characteristics known to past and present, having reference to those physical and characterial features already belonged to his own ancestors, to his own progeny. The totemist is placed outside of himself: through the taboo of the mind and the spirit he meditates to invent the corruptible and the indissoluble. With the eternal one that he possesses, he enjoys the forming modelling cancelling, the appearing and disappearing in artistic objects and not, in artistic concepts and not, in artistic feelings and not. The "Totemismo" (or "Totemism" in English) is the unofficial culture of whom who in the time leaves traces not susceptible of judgment.


Nazareno Gemini